Program 2017

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Friday, May 12th

3.00 pm
  1. Opening ceremony
3.00 – 7:00 pm
  1. Tastings
  1. Il cibo del benessere “Smart food, Smart eating”Bruno Gambacorta, founder and presenter of Eat Parade on TG2:
4.00 pm
  1. Eliana Liotta, author of bestselling book La Dieta Smartfood, in collaboration with the IEO in Milan, and a renowned journalist for Io Donna, the women’s magazine for Il Corriere della Sera.
5.00 pm
  1. Marcello Coronini writer, food and wine critic and university professor, and founder of the La Cucina del Senza® brand. Marcello Coronini is also the author of book of the same name which showcases fat-free dishes, with no added salt and sugar, for healthy eating without compromising on taste.

Saturday, May 13th

3.00 – 7.00 pm
  1. Tastings
4.00 pm
  1. Bruno Gambacorta interviews Luigi Moio, Professor of Oenology at the University of Naples Federico II and President of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine. One of the leading experts on Italian wine, Moio is also the author of “Il respiro del vino” – a fascinating journey to discover the invisible ‘sphere’ of the nose of wines.

Sunday May 14th

11.30 am
  1. Giuseppe Carrus, journalist at Il Gambero Rosso, talks about the 15 native grapes of Sardinia. With him Gianluigi Bacchetta, director of the Botanical Garden and professor at the University of Cagliari will offer insight about vines that date from the Nuragic civilisation – from the Bronze Age to the 2nd century AD – and the recent discovery in Sardinia of the oldest vines in the western Mediterranean.
3.00 – 7.00 pm
  1. Tastings
3.30 pm
  1. Bruno Gambacorta meets husband and wife team Clara and Gigi Padovani,writers, journalists, wine critics – and authors of many bestselling books in the wine & food world. Their most famous titles include “L’arte di bere il vino e vivere felici”, an easy guide for readers first approaching the world of wine and “Tiramisù. Storia, curiosità, interpretazioni del dolce italiano più amato”, a fun read about the origins of this delicious dessert.
4.30 pm
  1. A ‘Four Hands’ Cooking Show with Chef Hiro, star of the television program “Hello, I am Hiro” on Gambero Rosso TV and Alberto Sanna, from Il Campidano Restaurant in Samassi, recently named in Forbes 30 Under 30 for 2017.